A Spring Clean in Winter – Why Not?

If you want to get the most out of your property this winter, you might cast an eye over some of the following ideas.

Sure, plenty of people talk about spring cleaning. But why not give your home an overhaul this winter? Even if you’re not looking to sell your property currently, incorporating a high-end aesthetic into your home now could make your property pop at open inspections five or ten years down the track.

When improving your property, it’s important to balance the following factors: your own comfort, and your home’s perceived value. Invest in furniture that highlights the natural beauty of your residential property so when the time does come to sell, your home stands out!

New Sofa Coverings

This isn’t strictly a furniture upgrade in itself, but new sofa coverings will take dull couches and recliners from drab to fab.

Of course, if your current couch is hard and lumpy, it might be preferable to ditch it for a cosier number altogether. Being able to curl up in the living room during winter is a big plus. Set the heat pump to a comfortable temperature, grab a hot chocolate and enjoy a night in with a movie!

Once you’ve settled on the right couch – whether you’ve let go of your old model or are sticking with the family’s favourite sofa – think about how to make it stand out in the space. Sofa coverings that have a soft, brushed texture add a sense of luxury, while linen coverings in navy blue or beige are a good option if you want a country-chic vibe.

Colorful breakfast bar stools

Many homeowners will find they have a gorgeous dining room, but it’s just not practical to use it during the weekday rush. Between getting the kids fed, preparing lunches, getting dressed and making sure the young ones have brushed their teeth, early mornings can be quite hectic.

If you’ve got a breakfast bar in your kitchen, you can make mornings run far more smoothly. Encourage children to use the breakfast bar for eating breakfast, so you can keep an eye on them. If family members are already using the kitchen, it’s more practical to heat this space, rather than warming up the dining room, too.

Add vibrancy to the space by painting your breakfast bar stools – think turquoise with white stripes or mint green with white polka dots.

Bright Bean Bags for Kids

This furniture option is incredibly practical – simply move beanbags around the house as you wish.

Bright colors such as red, purple and yellow or even white will add a splash of vibrancy to any space, despite the doom and gloom of winter!